Chief Technology Officer / Co-Owner

With OpenPloyer we already successfully established a global hub for innovative HR solution providers. Our portfolio is covering the complete lifecycle of Human Capital management (HCM). HR consulting, business gamification, social media recruiting, talent development, engagement&retention, performance mgt, HR software&tools.

Our next project is focused on HR technology (HRIS, ATS. Payroll) and hot topics like Predictive Analysis and Big Data. We will create a hot vendor comparison portal. Pssst, more details during personal communication.

Therefore we are looking for a CTO who is able to develop the platform and contributes to our ongoing success. We offer you also the opportunity to built a new company as Co-Founder respective Co-Owner. It would be beneficial if you are experienced in founding and growing a business. We are expecting from you a solid capital basis. If favored or necessary we can get funds from investors later also.

We are aiming high – so you should also. Looking forward hearing from you soon and discuss perspectives.